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Framing A Subject

Critique: I believe I do have a strong composition in at least one of my photos. The first photograph looked better when before I saved it to my computer files, but I’m proud of my editing skills. If I shot… Continue Reading →


File Formats

JPEG is known for images in file formats that compress quickly in the camera; causes a loss of detail and quality. TIFF is what most publishers ask for on prints, they achieve bigger files naturally, and gives the camera some of… Continue Reading →

Outdoor Natural Light Portraits

5 tips I learned were when doing portraits always focus on one’s eyes. Even if there’s not a story to tell a moment can and will be captured just by looking in one’s eyes. Shooting in RAW should always be… Continue Reading →

Camera Modes

Automatic Mode: Tells your camera the selective shutter speed, aperture, ISO, white balance, focus, and flash. This is done by its best judgement and to achieve an amazing shot. Portrait Mode: It works best when your taking a photograph of… Continue Reading →

Read and Write: Lenses

There are systems known as “DSLR” that offer dizziness selections of lenses for cameras They vary in zooms, super telephoto, tilt shift, primes, and Marco lenses Obtaining the correct lens is never an easy task and acquires much detail from… Continue Reading →

About Ms. Cindy Sherman

In all honesty Cindy Sherman’s work, I personally don’t find attractive. She is no doubt a great artist and her images of herself portraits are extremely different than anything anyone’s ever seen, but the images do give off a weird… Continue Reading →

Alternative Camera Angles + Critique

Conceptual Self Portrait

                                        The definition of conceptual has to do with one’s mentality and the way someone conceives concepts in their mind. Something… Continue Reading →

Depth of Field…

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