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HDR Landscapes

*HDR- High Dynamic Range (Necessity + Creativity) * Necessity One’s eyes naturally perceive an unbelievable amount of range in contrast of a scene, usually further than the sensory in cameras. There is a feature when trying to capture reality in… Continue Reading →

5 tips when it comes to Portraits w/ character

One must understand the way someone’s character is perceived due to lighting and tone; in hence a portrait photographer must have skill with technicality in images. Black and white images delete distractions. One is now focused on the image at… Continue Reading →

Word Art

About Mr. Besson…

Henry not only being a photographer but a director gave him plenty of opportunity to experiment and understand himself and his dream. I feel as if that is why he has such immense timing in his photos. With his experience… Continue Reading →


Photojournalism isn’t an easy job for just anybody. Its meant to express a story one wasn’t there to view itself, by using still images and sometimes but rarely a video. This specific genre of photography requires honesty and impartial ethical… Continue Reading →

Like Aaron…

Edited using Lightroom and Snap speed His work catches the beauty and purity in the darkness for me. Majority of his pictures seem to be taken in dim lighting with the shadowing of objects producing a sharpness to the object… Continue Reading →

Body, Shape Form…

I used snap seed to edit this picture and the 10 words I would use to describe my final image are bold, smooth, taunting, curious, dominate, intriguing, jewelry, passionate, warm, and melanin.

Triptych: Snowball



In life there’s always this feeling of needed memories. Some people are extremely forgetful, others just obsessed with the idea of their existence not being of importance for remembrance. This was honestly solved with film. The advantage to capture a… Continue Reading →

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